Established in 2014, Alcanzando Inc. is a nonprofit Public Charity Organization that promotes awareness, understanding and a best-in-class educational protocol relevant to Autism for Spanish-speaking families around the World.  Our goal is to provide direct services regardless of the physical location of each family.


Alcanzando provides screening, diagnostic and direct services to children with developmental delays and/or autism and their families.  All services are based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and are individualized for each child.  Additionally, we provide training to parents and professionals as their needs require.



Mapy Chávez Askins

Director and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Chavez Askins, a world-renowned international behavior analyst, has spent the last 27 years studying, working and conducting research in the autism field, focusing mainly in the use of applied behavior analysis in the early intervention and autism fields.  Her expertise includes screening children as young as 6-months old, diagnosis, and direct services.

Antuanete Chavez

Antuanete Chávez

Director and Chief Operational Officer

Ms. Chavez, and International Behavior Analyst, and early intervention expert, has worked with young children and adolescents in the autism spectrum, as well as typically developing children for over 20 years.  Her expertise focuses on parent mediated naturalistic developmental behavioral interventions.

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Justin W. Askins

Director and Corporate Counsel

Mr. Askins provides solutions that systematically describe and resolve business issues using analytical tools, mathematical models, and business methodology within the context of business law and regulations, thereby creating comprehensive strategy.


Sandra Granados


Ms. Granados has worked since 2008 with the autism community, successfully managing, coordinating and providing services for hundreds of families throughout Latin America.


Your monetary contributions allow us to provide direct services to Spanish-speaking children with developmental delays and/or within the autism spectrum and their families around the world, families who otherwise would be unable to access those services.

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