Established in 2014, Alcanzando Inc. is a not for profit Public Charity Organization that promotes awareness, understanding and a best-in-class educational protocol relevant to Autism in Spanish Speaking Countries around the World.


Through our founders’ combined 35 years of experience in the field of Autism, we have learned that appropriate and accessible services for children and their families in the Autism Spectrum are still not readily available for Spanish-Speaking families around the world.



Mapy Chávez Askins

Director and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Askins has spent the last 25 years studying, working and conducting research in the autism field, focusing mainly in the use of applied behavior analysis in the education of children with autism.

antuanette foto

Antuanete Chávez

Director and Chief Operational Officer

Ms. Chavez has worked with young children and adolescents in the autism spectrum, as well as typically developing children for over 15 years.


Justin W. Askins

Director and Corporate Counsel

Mr. Askins provides solutions that systematically describe and resolve business issues using analytical tools, mathematical models, and business methodology within the context of business law and regulations, thereby creating comprehensive strategy.


Your monetary contributions will help support the evaluation and education of children within the autism spectrum in Peru, Chile and Ecuador for those families who otherwise would be unable to pay for those services.

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