Mapy Chávez Askins

    • Ph.D. from Teachers College Columbia University (New York) in Applied Behavior Analysis and the Education of Students with Behavioral Disorders
    • Director and Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Askins is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and CABAS Board Certified Assistant Research Scientist. Dr. Askins holds a Ph.D in Applied Behavior Analysis and the Education of Children in the Autism Spectrum from Columbia University (New York City). Dr. Askins has spent the last 20 years studying, working and conducting research in the autism field, focusing mainly in the use of applied behavior analysis in the education of children with autism. Her research studies include the development of vocal language in children with autism, language acquisition, social skills instruction, the development of perspective talking skills, the quality of teacher instruction, and the education of parents and professionals. Results from her research studies have been published in numerous journals, as well as presented at conferences throughout the world, among them: the Annual Convention of the Association for Behavior Analysis, and the Mexican Congress of Behavior Analysis.

Antuanete Chávez

    • B.S. from Florida Atlantic University (Florida) in Psychology
    • Director and Chief Operational Officer


Ms. Chavez has worked with a large number of young children and adolescents in the autism spectrum, as well as typically developing children for over 15 years. Her extensive work experience consists of a variety of settings: developmental centers, private homes and schools around the world. Ms. Chavez has conducted trainings for parents, paraprofessionals and teachers in applied behavior analysis and the education of children in the autism spectrum. She has also consulted in the development and assessment of programs and curriculum. Results from her work has been presented at the Applied Behavior Analysis Convention.

Justin W. Askins, Esq.

    • JD, Business Law from Gonzaga University School of Law MBA, Finance from Fairleigh Dickinson University
    • Director and Chief Operational Officer


Mr. Askins provides solutions that systematically describe and resolve business issues using analytical tools, mathematical models, and business methodology within the context of business law and regulations, thereby creating comprehensive strategy. Mr. Askins has acted in the capacity of Guardian ad Litem, a 3 term member of the Citizen Foster Care Review Board of Collier County and most recently as an Attorney ad Litem in the Dependency Court of Collier County. He is currently licensed to practice law in New Jersey, Maine, the District of Columbia and Florida.