Organization Scholarship

The Organization Scholarship Program was developed to benefit organizations who are providing applied behavior analysis intervention for the benefit of children diagnosed within the autism spectrum and their families around the world. Projects that offer direct services to the children as well as to their families would qualify.







Organization Training / Workshop Program

The Organization Training / Work Shop Program was developed to help organizations who are currently providing services to individuals within the autism spectrum and their families and are looking to continue to improve the quality of their services. This Program pro vides only direct services to these provider-organizations through access to professionals who will conduct this training/workshop.
The program covers all expenses incurred by these professionals, including but not limited to travel expenses, materials needed, food, lodging and professional fees. No funds will be disbursed directly to the Organization.


The Conference Funding Program was developed to provide assistance to organizations, working in the autism field around the world, so that they may attend autism relevant conferences (as presenters and/or participants). These funds are intended to cover transportation, food, lodging, and conference registration expenses. Applications are open to organizations currently working in the autism field.





Local Autism Conference Funding Program

The National Autism Conference Funding Program provides funds each year to support a national or international Autism Conference around the world. The funding is made available to eligible conference organizers to enable them to provide such an event at minimal cost to their communities.
These funds are provided to conference organizers to cover costs such as conference location, materials, and advertisement.


Participation in any of the aforementioned programs is necessarily limited to those children diagnosed within the autism spectrum, and their families; or professionals or provider-organizations, and research institutions or professional associations that are developing applied behavior analysis educational programs for individuals within the autism spectrum.


To apply of any of these services please follow the link below to fill out the application form:

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